Experience Description Representation Interpretation

I am both a visual artist and writer. Language and materiality are central to my art. I am interested in the verbal and visual nature of thought; the mysterious relationship between language and consciousness; and the interplay between conscious and unconscious knowing. For these and other reasons, wordplay is an important aspect of my artistic practice.

I draw directly from my personal history and its interconnected roots in biology, family, society and culture. My art expresses my interest in contradiction and paradox and how humans attempt to negotiate their complex natures.

Being interested in human nature, I am interested in language and how we use it not only to communicate, but also to form our identities. Our thoughts, conscious and unconscious, can both propel us forward and hold us back. Language flows through our minds, sometimes revealing and sometimes concealing our truth.

The media and tools I use to make art is the stuff of everyday life: cardboard boxes, sheets and blankets, needles and thread, pencils and paper, scissors and glue. Though the subject matter of each work may vary, inherent in my use of vernacular media is a validation of the creative potential in the ordinary and the age-old tradition of comingling art and everyday life. Also inherent in my use of these materials is a critique of consumerism and oppressive hierarchies. My techniques speak to the significance of touch and “doing” that honors “being.”